Reese from Adelaide wants to hear more about Dr Socks and Professor Glooper

‘Interesting, very interesting…’ drawled Doctor Socks. ‘And how did they manage that?’

‘Eh? What?’ Professor Glooper was a little deaf – one of his experiments had exploded loudly, and his ears were still ringing.

‘Well,’ went on Doctor Socks, ‘they’ve never tried to escape before. In fact as far as I understand it, the Lab is entirely secure. So, the question is… how?’

‘Now! Exactly!’ The Professor’s voice had risen to a shrill squeak. ‘And the place absolutely secure! Bars, locks, bolts, glue -’

Something stirred in the evil recesses of the Doctor’s memory. Glue, hmmmm, glue… That rang a bell somewhere, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

‘Stay where you are,’ he barked, in his most bossy voice. ‘I’m on my way.’

He replaced the phone on the velvet cushion. Then after a moment’s reflection, he grabbed it again and rang the Professor back. ‘Actually, where are you?’

‘Where d’you think, you idiot? In the Lab. Where else would I be?’

‘Yes, yes. Of course. Right. See you in a minute.’ And the Doctor strode out into the morning.



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