Happy New Year from the Glue Crew!

The Writer and the Artist were sitting on a roof. Whenever one of their stories came to an end (and as you know, the Pirate Story had come to an end), they climbed up here to seek inspiration for the next one. Thoughts floated by with the clouds, and occasionally stopped for a chat.

‘Stars’ said the Artist, gazing out at a billowy, snowy cloud. ‘We really ought to think about Stars.’

‘Yes,’ said the Writer. ‘A star story would be good.’

‘Myths, do you suppose?’ asked the Artist.

‘The Zodiac!’ said the Writer.

‘And something daring,’ said the Artist.

‘And a pedal powered motor balloon,’ said the Writer.

motor balloon copy

‘Daffodils and a watering can,’ said the Artist.

‘Really?’ said the billowy cloud. ‘Are you sure about the watering can?’

‘Oh yes,’ said the Artist. ‘Certainly!’

‘Well, if you’re sure,’ said the cloud.

‘To work then…’

The Writer and the Artist climbed down from the roof and got to work.


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