Doctor Socks catches fire

Doctor Socks was standing on the observation turret of the Yarn Factory.

Doctor Socks both lived and worked in the Yarn Factory, and so had kitted the place out for every eventuality. (Eventualities like making cheese on toast, world domination, playing the piano, knitting and spying on the neighbours.)

Right now he held a fizzing, sparkling cocktail in one hand and a telescope in the other.

‘So that’s how it is, is it?’ he snarled under his breath, as he peered through the telescope. He took a slurp of the cocktail.

And set fire to his hair.

‘KRUMCHEK!! You useless oaf!’ he roared, once he had noticed this unfortunate event. ‘You put the wrong sort of fizz and sparkle into this drink!! Do something!! NOW!!! This is going to ruin my hairdo!’

Vasilo was used to this sort of thing. He quickly put on his fireproof outfit (he was very keen on health and safety), grabbed a fire extinguisher and rushed up to the observation turret. Then with great enthusiasm completely covered the Doctor in extinguishing foam.

‘You called, sir?’

‘Yes I did!’ said Doctor Socks and he handed his henchman the telescope.





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