Being left out

Vasilo peered through the telescope and immediately saw what the matter was.

There was a party going on – and Doctor Socks had not been invited.

That’s right.

Doctor Socks: man of medicine, cinema legend and now purveyor of knitted footwear to the stars. Doctor Socks went to EVERY party. And yet – the telescope did not lie: there was definitely a gathering of people (= a party, surely) and Doctor Socks was not part of that gathering.

That meant one thing, and one thing only.


If Doctor Socks couldn’t be part of the action then he would make it his business to spoil that action. Ha! They’d soon learn what it meant to leave him out.

‘Vasilo!’ he said, in sinister tones.

‘Yes, sir,’ replied Vasilo, in equally sinister tones. ‘I know. We have work to do. I will collect the necessary.’

‘Yes. I am going to need – my party outfit!’

‘At once sir.’

And clutching the fire extinguisher, Vasilo clattered down the stairs.

Doctor Socks drew a chair up to his desk and started to make plans.




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