The beginning of a new story

The Reader was standing in the middle of a muddy field with Mr Glue and the Writer. Mr Glue was looking extremely doubtful.

‘I’m not sure about this, you know,’ muttered Mr Glue. ‘The scene’s all wrong.’

‘It’s going to be fine, just fine,’ said the Writer reassuringly.

She took out a notebook and scribbled a sentence or two.

To the Reader’s surprise, the muddy field blurred and then came back into focus, except this time, the mud had disappeared.

In its place were forty-two newly planted trees, a spade and a pair of wellington boots.

‘That’s better!’ said Mr Glue. ‘That’s much more the thing.’

The Reader put on the wellington boots and took the spade that the Writer was holding out.

‘Ready for the story to start now?’ asked the Writer.

‘Definitely,’ said the Reader. The Writer beamed, clapped Mr Glue on the back and the two of them strode off through the trees and out of sight, leaving the Reader in the newly planted orchard (for that is what it was).

‘Oh, it would be so nice if Peregrine were here,’ thought the Reader. ‘I could do with some company!’

There was the sound of footsteps (and clanking armour) coming up the path.

‘Perry!’ yelled the Reader.

‘MMPHH!’ said Peregrine (his visor was down).

They gave each other a huge hug. The Adventure was about to begin.



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