Journey to the stars

‘Guess what guess what guess what???’ yelled Peregrine Stumpings.

‘You’ll have to tell me,’ said the Reader. ‘I’ve no idea.’

‘Invitation!’ said Peregrine. ‘Supper!’

‘Great!’ said the Reader (this was a good way for any story to begin – the Reader was extremely fond of being asked out to supper.) ‘Who with?’

Peregrine looked mysterious and pointed up. The Reader looked a bit puzzled.

‘What do you mean?’

Peregrine beamed. ‘The stars!’


‘The Zodiac! Virgo was passing over, saw the orchard you just planted, was super pleased about all the trees and so said come to supper!’


‘Yes! Well, not personally, she sent Apollo. He’s going to come and pick us up in his chariot. Not bad eh?’

The Reader felt really quite excited. Mr Glue had often put her into bizarre and interesting situations when he produced a story for her in the past, but she had never been invited into space!



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