An unexpected guest

Virgo laughed and offered them something to drink.

‘I hope you like nectar,’ she said. ‘It’s all we have at the moment. Dionysus had a bit of a session last night, and Demeter hasn’t been shopping yet.’


The Reader was just saying how much she liked nectar and admiring the cup of gleaming liquid that Virgo handed her, when out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of someone who really, really shouldn’t have been in the heavens at all. Doctor Socks! He was crouching behind one of the pillars of the Stars’ house.

Virgo noticed him at the same time.

‘Goodness me! Who are you?’ she exclaimed. ‘Have you been invited to supper too?’ She turned to the Reader and Peregrine. ‘You can never tell who Aquarius is going to invite next,’ she whispered. ‘He does have some of the most extraordinary friends!’

Doctor Socks just laughed immoderately.

‘Ha! No! I’m not coming to supper. I dropped in, and it just so happens that I’ve found something incredibly useful and now that I’ve got it, I’m going away again!’

And with a flash and a bang, all of a sudden, there he wasn’t.



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