In which Erksplunch Skruntlebeast is introduced

Erksplunch Skruntlebeast had decided to go for a walk. He felt that when one was writing the story of one’s life, one should take a break from time to time to improve the creative flow, and so that is what he was doing.

Erksplunch had recently returned from a tour of the galaxy and was now busily engaged writing the story of his life. Erksplunch’s favourite subject was himself, so he was enjoying this task enormously.

He whistled to summon his pet zoomsquirt, and a streak of red flew past him. It landed with a splash in his garden pond. (Yes, even aliens have garden ponds. Erksplunch’s pond was a tasteful shade of orange, and populated largely by giant Erdipluffs, which he had had specially imported from the planet next door.

Erksplunch Skruntlebeast looked at the sodden red shape in his orange pond and said,

‘Sweetness, you simply can’t stay in there. You clash dreadfully.’

Erksplunch_Skruntlebeast1 copy

The sodden red shape raised its head and gave Erksplunch a Look.




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