one for Vanessa in London: ‘more story!’

The mice had shimmied round to Hildegard’s greenhouse and were sheltering under an upside-down wheelbarrow.

Arnold was having second thoughts about their escape. The Gloop Lab had been appalling, but at least there weren’t any cats in it.

‘This is terrible!’ Dorothy’s teeth were chattering. ‘Arnold, what are we going to do?’

‘Well, I suggest coming out and having a nice cup of tea,’ said a voice.

It wasn’t Arnold’s.

In fact it didn’t belong to any of the mice.

It came from further up.

Much further up.

Arnold put his nose out from under the wheelbarrow.

In front of him was an enormous silk curtain. It was pink and covered in patterns that shimmered as it moved. It was quite the most beautiful thing Arnold had ever seen.

The voice from above said kindly, ‘Come on. Come out and tell me all about it. I’ve never had green mice to visit before.’

Arnold let his eyes travel up the silk curtain and discovered that in fact it wasn’t a curtain, it was a skirt and it belonged to the most beautiful lady in the world.


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