Aquarius ambled over. He put down his bucket and his surfboard.

‘Hey guys,’ he said in a friendly voice. ‘Come and check this out.’ They went over to him and looked into the pool that was set into the middle of the hall.

He swirled his fingers through the water and then stood looking down into it.



Peregrine and the Reader looked too. Gradually a picture appeared.

‘Look! It’s Doctor Socks!’ cried Peregrine. ‘And he’s sitting in an orange pond -’

‘NO NO NO! That’s all wrong! Stop right there!’

Mr Glue came bustling in to the marble hall, looking totally out of place. ‘That wasn’t supposed to have happened. Doctor Socks is supposed to be back at home, but he got knocked off course. He’s having tea with Erksplunch Scruntlebeast who’s telling him about his life. That’s going to take ages, so we’re going to have to have a replacement or this story is just going to fall to bits. Come on people – think!’

Aquarius laughed, zipped up his wetsuit and picked up the surfboard and the bucket.

‘You want a villain?’ he said, with a grin. ‘Clorabella Swish! You don’t get much nastier than that!’



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