Clorabella Swish, you may remember, had been reduced to the size of a Minimouse, and was (furiously) attending a tea-party at Hildegard Avocado’s.

Colonel Crackpot and Lady Gertrude Gruntblatter were now sitting one on each side of her, eating cake and giving her Good Advice.

‘Messed up there, didn’t you!’ said Lady Gertrude, helpfully.

‘If I were you – ’ began Colonel Crackpot,

‘Which you aren’t!’ snapped Clorabella,

‘I’d – ’

‘Shut up!’ said Lady Gertrude, burping. ‘Where’s the tea?’

Colonel Crackpot manfully ignored Lady Gertrude. Instead (very bravely) he picked up the minute Clorabella, put her in the palm of his hand and looked at her.

‘What?!’ squeaked Clorabella, incensed at this indignity.

‘If I were you,’ said the Colonel again, ‘I’d go and talk to the Writer. She could sort this out for you.’

‘Oh that’s what you think is it? I’ll have you know that it was she who put me in this situation in the first place. In fact -’

But in fact, that was the end of that conversation, because right at that moment Clorabella vanished, whooshed into a story by the Reader.

‘Have some more cake,’ said Lady Gertrude (unmoved by this event) to the Colonel. As an afterthought she added, ‘And why is Mr Glue over there in his swimming trunks?’

Mr Glue in hot weather - trying it out

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