Mr Glue had decided that he’d had far too much work to do lately. Everything was going wrong at the storyworks. It really was time for a holiday.

As far as Mr Glue was concerned, the obvious place to go on holiday was Hildegard’s house.

Mr Glue liked Hildegard: she was always in a good mood, and because she was so nice, her house was often full of people who had come to visit.

He had therefore changed into his holiday outfit – swimming trunks, several pairs of sunglasses (one pair for him and one pair for his hat) and a towel. Then, without further ado he had made his way to the garden.

‘Definitely the right course of action,’ he said to himself, as he opened the gate, sniffing the roses, and gazing at the sea of colour that was Hildegard’s beautiful garden. ‘And then, when I feel better, perhaps I should go and rescue Doctor Socks before that Erksplunch creature bores the ears off him.’

Unfortunately for Mr Glue, the first people he met in Hildegard’s garden were Lady Gertrude Gruntblatter and Colonel Crackpot.

‘HA!’ yelled Lady Gertrude, in her most ladylike voice. ‘You! Glue! Come over here! You’ve got some explaining to do!’

‘Oh fiddle dee dee!’ muttered Mr Glue, crossly. ‘So much for holidays.’



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