Mr Glue rushed out into the field and didn’t stop running until Lady Gertrude and Colonel Crackpot were well out of sight.

What now?

Even though he was still wearing his swimming trunks, he decided he would go back to watching the story that was unfolding for the Reader and Peregrine Stumpings in the realm of the Zodiac.

The characters in the story were spiralling back into focus.

The Great Bear was sitting writing at a desk. His fur sparkled, and he wore a gleaming diadem at a jaunty angle over one ear.

Virgo was standing by the pool. She was holding a small green glass bottle. She nodded to the Great Bear, who put down his quill and gave the parchment in front of him a little shake. As he did so, the words rose up from it in a silvery mist. Virgo held out the bottle and the silvery mist of words streamed into it. Virgo corked the bottle and held it out to the Reader.


‘There you are,’ she said kindly. ‘It’s your story – and now it’s taken the form of Stardust. Very useful when you are in a tight spot. Or when you just need a bit of help thinking about things. Good luck finding the arrows, my dears.’

She kissed the Reader and Peregrine, who blushed underneath his visor. Then she took the Great Bear’s paw and they left the hall. Sagittarius looked down at the Reader and Peregrine and said, ‘Ready? It is time to go.’

The Reader looked terrified and said in a voice that had become more of a squeak, ‘Yes, ready!’

Sagittarius took them each by the hand and jumped. Off they went, spinning and whirling into space!

‘Hmph,’ said Mr Glue to himself. ‘I hope Clorabella has turned up ok, or the next bit’s going to be a disaster!’


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