For Kate’s class at Primrose Hill Primary

Arnold timidly nosed his way out from under the wheelbarrow. Dorothy followed him, hanging on to the minimice by their tails.

‘Mum!’ squeaked Moley minimouse. ‘Stop it! I’m not a baby!’ He was keen to look as grown up as possible in front of this lovely lady.

‘Hmph!’ said Milly Minimouse. She wasn’t going to be impressed by any lovely ladies. Certainly not ones wearing pink silk curtains. She surreptitiously nibbled the edge of the pink silk as she went past. Oh my goodness – it was delicious!

The other mice followed. They were tired and frightened and extremely hungry. They had suffered months of Professor Glooper’s grouchy moods, awful experiments, really annoying plans for taking over the universe, truly terrifying (blue) cooking, and now…

‘Now,’ said the kind voice. ‘I’m sure you must be hungry. ‘Travelling always makes me hungry. I’m sure we have some bits and bobs in the larder. Would you like a ride?’

And Hildegard swept her best gardening hat from her head onto the ground. The mice climbed in.

The next hour was the finest the mice had ever spent. Hildegard built them a magnificent table out of two books, and mouse-chairs out of match boxes. She spread a clean (lace) handkerchief over the top of the books and then laid out the sort of feast the mice had only ever dreamt about: chocolate biscuits, carrots, jelly and ice-cream, cheese puffs, grapes, hot cross buns, cold cross buns, sushi, spaghetti and strawberries.

Then, as if things couldn’t actually get any better, she put her old dolls house into the hall and told the mice that they could move in whenever they liked.

Arnold looked at Dorothy, the minimice and the rest of the mouse band. He rose to his feet and raised an acorn cup full of lemonade. ‘To Hildegard!’ he pronounced. The mice cheered.

Suddenly life was looking much brighter.


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