Clorabella, as you may remember, had been whisked away to join the Reader’s latest story. The first person she bumped into on this expedition, was the Artist.

The Artist was painting some camels and a cupboard in a desert and didn’t see her at first.

‘Young man!’ trilled Clorabella.

The Artist turned round, and not seeing anyone (Clorabella still being, as you may remember, the size of a mini-mouse), shrugged and went back to painting sand.

‘Down here!’ shrieked Clorabella.

The Artist looked down.

‘Oh,’ he said. ‘Yes, I see. I’d forgotten about that.’

‘What do you mean, you’d forgotten about that? I am not a “that”’ I am me! And I need you to get me back to normal! I simply refuse to carry on being this idiotic size. It’s ridiculous!’

‘Not really so ridiculous,’ said the Artist kindly. ‘Actually it’s amazing and quite original. Suits you, anyway I don’t know if I can actually get you back to your normal size. The Writer might be able to…’

‘Well, get the Writer then, you silly little man!’ exploded Clorabella.

‘Silly little man, eh? That’s not very polite! I don’t know that I feel like fetching the Writer if you’re going to speak to me like that…’

Clorabella bit her lip. With a huge effort and an insincere smile she forced out the words, ‘Please would you be so kind as to…?’

The Artist beamed. ‘Of course!’ he replied.

And that was how the Artist, the Writer and teeny, tiny Clorabella found themselves in a desert with some half painted camels and a cupboard.





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