Of all the cake making methods – creaming, melting or rubbing in – melting is my favourite. Somehow it seems to be more foolproof than the others. I don’t know if this is actually true, but it feels like you literally have to add all the ingredients to each other, stir a bit and hey preNOTES_labelsto!
(I’m sure I shall get into trouble for that remark!)

This gingerbread is a great ‘keeper’: lovely the day it is made, and good for a couple of days after that. It gets denser as you keep it.

Top Tips

Keep a very close eye on the butter, milk, syrup and treacle as it melts. You don’t want it to boil by mistake (it becomes a nasty curdled mess, I have found!)

The recipe asks you to add the warmed treacle mixture to the eggs, beating as you go, and then to add that to the dry ingredients. If you find it easier to add the treacle to the dry ingredients and the eggs last, this works just as well.




We have had a go at making this cake and adding 100g or so of chopped dates and then serving it as a dessert with Professor Glooper’s toffee sauce.

We have made it with chopped hazlenuts and served it warm with stewed apple and whipped cream. Both met with Glue Crew Kitchen approval!

On that note, perhaps we should ask Jose to design a special badge: ‘The Glue Crew Kitchen Seal of Approval’! Might do that today – keep an eye out and I’ll put it on this page!



If you have any other suggestions about good ways to serve up Colonel Crackpot’s Gingerbread – let us know! hello@mrgluestories.com