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When we started out on Mission Cookpossible, we felt that it was important that we didn’t crowd out the book with masses of notes and comments about the recipes.

On the other hand we did want to include lots of tips and ideas that could be useful to young cooks.

As a result we created Mission Cookpossible pages on this website: a general page first with a few safety tips and then links to each recipe with photos, recipe variations and so forth.


When Mr Glue cooks, he cooks with huge enjoyment and often huge success, but things do not always go to plan.NOTES_label

When the Glue Crew discovered that he was intending to write a cookery book, they felt there were things they should tell you about; things about some of the recipes in the book,  photos and videos and so forth, and also how to be safe in the kitchen.

(Well actually Jean-Claude Psychochef and Colonel Crackpot didn’t, but perhaps the less said about them the better.)

Hildegard’s Safety tips:

Cooking is a great activity! It can be lots of fun trying out recipes, bringing treats to the table and gobbling your way through something completely and utterly delicious that you’ve made yourself.

Kitchens can be dangerous though and there are some things that are worth watching out for. For example – try to avoid doing this:



No, I know that’s just silly. In any case, I’m sure that you don’t have a long purple moustache. (Or do you?)  Sorry, yes, moving on…


It’s a good idea to have a grown up around to help, just in case.



Quite a lot of the tools that you are going to be using to cook should be treated with caution!


Never drop a knife into washing up water and leave it there. The next person to put their hand in could have a nasty shock!

When you are chopping, protect the fingers of the hand opposite the knife. Curl the fingers of the hand holding the vegetable so that the fingertips are underneath. That way, even if the knife slips, the blade can’t cut you. You can use your knuckles as a guide.

chopping close up


Some of the recipes in Mission Cookpossible are going to involve boiling water, boiling sugar, hot oil and so forth. You need to make sure there is a grown up around for these ones, just in case.

Never pick up a hot dish with a tea towel or an oven glove that is damp. Heat will travel straight through it very fast. Ouch!

If you have long hair, tie it up away from your face, especially if you are using a gas hob.

Roll up your sleeves. It will stop them getting hot, grubby and/or wet.

Being Clean:

Very important this one. Always wash your hands, specially if you’ve been handling raw meat.


And always make sure you clear up afterwards!


This is a good idea from a hygienic point of view, but also so that the owner of the kitchen doesn’t come back to a big mess and go:


Recipes in Mission Cookpossible:

It was a bit of a challenge deciding on which recipes to use here!

In the end I decided that the main thing was to choose things that my children have loved making (and that I loved making when I was a child!), because ultimately, this book is all about enjoying cookery. If you enjoy doing something, the likelihood is that you’ll do it again, and the more you do something the easier it becomes. As you gain confidence, you might even find that it’s fun experimenting with particular dishes.

Click on the links to find out more about…

Tea time recipes:

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Dobbin’s Fabulous Flapjacks

Florinda’s Berry Butterfly Cakes

Peregrine’s Perfect Pot of Tea

Sagittarius’s Carrot Cake

Lady Gertrude’s Ripping Raspberry Jam

Colonel Crackpot’s Not Very Deadly Dropscones

Mr Archibald’s Lovely Lemonade with Incredible Ice Cubes


And supper recipes:

Tomato Soup à la façon de Clorabella Swish

Doctor Socks’s Pizza Performance

Bread for Bears

Griselda’s Fine Fishy Parcels

Apollo’s One Pan Lemon Roast Chicken

Jean-Claude Psychochef’s Duck Cassoulet

Erksplunch Scruntlebeast’s Magical Beef and Peas

Flapper’s Fluffy Baked Apples

Professor Glooper’s Toffee Sauce

Snuffles the Mouse’s Chocolate Mousse

Flapper’s Luscious Lemon Pie

Lizzie’s Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies


As always, we love hearing from you! If you would like to send us your cooking pictures, or new recipes to post on the website (or our next book!) or if we have missed anything important, please get in touch with us at hello@mrgluestories.com. See you soon!


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