NOTES_labelDobbin’s Fabulous Flapjacks! It sounds so carefree and easy, doesn’t it?


How were we to have any idea what a minefield the world of flapjacks was to present? (And by that stage no, we couldn’t just leave them out of the book because we had made all sorts of reckless promises that they would be included. Note to self, or rather selves: must be more careful with promises in future!)

Squishy? Crunchy? Added raisins/ dates/ apricots? Lemon juice? The more we read about this possibility and that possibility the more confused we got. What was particularly daunting was how exercised people seemed to get about it all. Perhaps it’s one of those childhood tastes: your mum cooked them that way and so that way is BEST!

Finally we decided to go for the kitchen plate test.

This is a popular test in the Glue Crew Kitchen:

1. Make sure there are plenty of children in the house

2. Cook something

3. Put it on a plate

4. Leave it out in the kitchen

5. Go away



If the thing you cooked has disappeared by the next time you come into the kitchen a little while later, then it is a success. If it’s still hanging about the next day, then frankly, no more need be said…

So how did the various recipes fare when we applied this scientific method?

Well, squishy didn’t do well at all (we ended up giving that one to the birds).  Lemony with dried fruit did a bit better (but nevertheless, ended its days in the biscuit tin). The clear winner was crunchy: oats, golden syrup, brown sugar, butter. These disappeared in less than an hour. Perfect!


Flapjacks in this photo ended up sharing a plate with the butterfly cakes.

We’ll try to give them their own photo by and by, providing they haven’t been eaten by the time we have managed to grab the camera!

butterfly cakes flapjacks and flowers



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