What can I say? I know, I know, it’s all been said before!NOTES_label

It’s an activity, it’s a meal, it’s just the best!

Doctor Socks, I have a feeling, might have originally come from Naples. Certainly the gangster/ pizza-making sides of him give that impression. Now on the performance side… have a look at this groovy person twirling pizza dough around in the air. Doctor Socks himself is of course totally up there with the pizza twirling, and in fact, the Glue Crew Kitchen team have spent quite a while trying to follow his example and perfect their skills too. (We all found it wasn’t that easy – lots of dough on the floor!)



Top tips

Mozzarella is the traditional thing to use on Pizzas, but grated cheddar works very well too.


There just really wasn’t quite enough room on the Mission Cookpossible page to add all the various toppings that we could think of.

Actually, as far as variations are concerned – what about sweet pizza?

We came across these at a birthday party the other day and thought they were a fantastic idea. They had made a super-thin pizza base, cooked it till it was nice and crisp, and then when it was out of the oven and cool, they had added a gloopy layer of chocolate spread, and then masses of chopped up strawberries and blueberries and some mini marshmallows.

A bit of a departure from the old Margarita, and definitely worth a try!

In the meantime, I’ve been wondering whether one could try jam, whipped cream and sprinkles; or maybe  lemon curd spread over the base, and lemon mousse over the top of that. I think I might have to go and think that one out a bit more. Once the Glue Crew Kitchen have got the recipe sorted, we’ll stick it on this page.

Any great pizza ideas? Give us a shout hello@mrgluestories.com.