It’s always lovely to get feedback, and we have had some truly wonderful comments back from children (and indeed their parents!) Dougal, who is 7, said to his mother ‘George is very sad at the moment. I’m going to send him a story to cheer him up.’ I was so bowled over by that, I really did think, ‘Even if this app does nothing else, I’m happy!’ The world of personalised stories is a wonderful thing if it can cheer and console…

Recently, we’ve been given a film made by Helen, Clara, Kelta and Elisa, who are all in year 5 at the local Primary School. They took the story of the Great Race, wrote a screenplay, designed costumes and then shot the film itself. The results are just lovely. They’ve made it funny and pacey, and have added a whole new dimension by having Mr Glue (in an extremely elegant woolly hat) as the narrator. I was slightly alarmed by the fact that Colonel Crackpot appeared to have turned into a vampire according to Hildegard, but then individual interpretation is everything in films, as I’m sure you would agree.

It is rather overwhelming when you see children inspired to creativity by something you’ve done. Anyway, I will be sharing it with you on this blog as soon as I have the sign off from the film crew! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!