The question we often get asked about the recipes in Mission Cookpossible is why we’ve given a particular recipe to a particular character.NOTES_label

As far as baked apples are concerned, it’s a comforting sort of a dish, it’s homely and sort of makes you feel that all is right with the world. Flappers, despite her rather exotic life history (a professional tap-dancer with a pet hippo), is a homely sort herself, and as a fairy godmother, does everything she can to make everything right with the world. So there you go!

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Baked apples are lovely on their own or delicious with all sorts of other things – freshly made custard, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, not to mention Professor Glooper’s famous toffee sauce!


Top tips

The tricky bit is the coring of the apple.

The easiest solution is to use one of these useful things. Apple corers are great. They are safe and quick to use and even if you miss some of the pips, you can just dig them out afterwards. (If you were going to cut an apple in half and wanted to take out the core, then you can use a melon baller. For this particular recipe, we don’t really want to cut the apple in half, so ignore this suggestion for the time being!) If you don’t have a corer, then to put your apple on a board, stalk side up, and insert a small knife straight down around the core of the apple four times to make a square, then carefully cut round to join up the four cuts. Press down with your thumb and the core will pop out. Please don’t hold the apple in your hand and try to get the core out that way – you could end up taking a lump out of the palm of your hand too. Ouch!

Scoring round the middle of the apple: again, a good idea to put the apple on the board, so that your knife is pointing downwards, and not at your other hand!


There are all sorts of different ways of stuffing baked apples: you could add slice of lemon peel instead of the mixed spice, you could add slivers or almond, or chopped walnuts too. You could add some chopped dates or dried apricots to the filing.

We love hearing from you – tell us how you like your apples baked! and send us some pictures!