We’re always being told that the most important thing for children is READING! Some children are totally into it, and that’s great. But when they aren’t and struggle to read, it can be quite hard; sometimes a child is just not all that interested. So how to create an enthusiasm?

Make them the hero? It’s true that seeing your own name on a page does immediately make any story pretty exciting, but perhaps there’s more to it…

Mr Glue: making reading active and immersive

Stories can be about so much more than just the reading. It’s about the pictures, the sounds, the sharing. A reluctant reader may just switch off when confronted with a printed page, but they might enjoy being able to add their own friend, Colonel Crackpot and some superpants, or whatever it is, to their adventures.

Or the fact that they can colour in or draw the pictures; listen to the music, evil laughter and other sounds as the pages turn; record and send the result to a friend or someone in the family to show them what they’ve done.

Suddenly it’s not just about passively sitting in front of a story, but actually getting right into it and being involved in the making and the telling.

“Mr Glue is a fantastic app where you can make your own stories and be able to record yourself while reading. There are also cool sound effects.” Piers age 9 years

Watch the video here to see how it works.

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We tested the app both with friends and family and in various schools. The thing that struck all of us, in each different setting and with all the different children who had a go, was once they’d learnt to use it, quite how absorbed they became in the process.

When we tested this app with more confident readers, once they had understood how to access the recording studio (tapping the icon at the top of the left hand page) and using the colour palette (icon at the top of the right hand side) they fast became adept, and enjoyed recording on their own and as a group.

With the younger users we spent more time drawing and colouring with them. We also had considerable success sitting with them as they recorded, helping them to add the sound effects and whispering the harder words. The microphone didn’t pick up the whispers – the finished version sounded like they had recorded it on their own and they were hugely excited at what they had achieved!


Each story, with your child’s name, story choices and drawings can be ordered from the App as a beautiful glossy paperback.

And while we’re on the subject of printed books, do have a look in our webshop at Mission Cookpossible: it’s a story, it’s a recipe book and your child is the hero. Do have a look!

We really hope you enjoy it!


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