Grabbing their attention – every single one of them!

Developing an excitement and enthusiasm for reading can prove challenging in a class environment where the range of abilities, needs and interests cover a broad spectrum, at any age.

Less fluent readers can often find that the text in a book presents a barrier to learning and therefore to engagement with the content.  A story can become simply a sea of words, an insurmountable challenge, and in some cases the task of reading stands as a source of embarrassment and humiliation in the company of their peers.

Something to draw each child into each part of the story-telling process

We aim to help less fluent readers to see past the words, engage with a story and develop a love of reading. We want to transform the world of reading into something more, that is accessible and engaging for readers of all ages and all abilities.

Stories are about telling, showing, listening and sharing. If we can’t draw a child in through the words, then let us do so by pictures and sounds.

Watch the video here to see how it works.

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Classroom resources for teachers
We’ve compiled a list of comprehension questions for each Mr Glue Stories book, downloadable as pdfs here:
Pirates before Breakfast (easy level)
The Great Race (medium level)
Journey to the Stars (hard level)
Christmas Rescue (easy level)

Being part of it all

And so, this app is not just about reading, but also colouring and drawing. This is about a child making their own sound effects and recording. This is sharing with their friends or family. It is entering the world of Doctor Socks and co., and being part of it all.

No age divisions

Mr Glue does not create divisions by defining age ranges for particular stories. The stories here are just easy or medium or difficult, and if the one you picked isn’t right for you, there will be plenty of others. Maybe go for a different category….

So many options: reading one to one, a group activity, a performance, a story entirely re-told

We tested this app both in school settings and at home. Once children understood how to access the recording studio (tapping the icon at the top of the left hand page) and using the colour palette (icon at the top of the right hand side) the more confident readers fast became adept, and enjoyed recording on their own and as a group. Suddenly they had the tools to record a radio play. And not just that, but the ability to send it off to all their friends!

With the younger users we spent more time drawing and colouring. We also had considerable success sitting with them as they recorded, helping them to add the sound effects and whispering the harder words. The microphone didn’t pick up the whispers- the finished version sounded like they had recorded it on their own and they were hugely excited at what they had achieved. Some of them quite simply retold the whole story on their own, by-passing the text altogether, and that was fun too!

And there’s more to come…

Soon we are going to start running competitions! The winners will be able to see their own stories working on the system (and earning royalties).

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