The part of the Mr Glue world that has been the most fun to create has, without doubt, been the Glue Crew: the friends and enemies that slot into the story as you read each one.

We have loved finding silly names, seeing what fabulous illustrations Jose comes up with, laughing at Stewart and Kate’s evil cackles, listening to Liz’s musical effects and then building up up a back story (and yet more illustrations!)

To our delight, children using the Mr Glue app have loved them too. Teachers are using the cards as a basis for creative writing in class, children are using them for memory games, and so it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to start a Glue Crew Story, a sort of soap opera that would just run on a continual basis on the ‘Kids‘ page of the website. We would welcome ideas from children themselves as to how the stories are to develop, and also pictures to illustrate the story as it goes along.

The process has been kicked off by the lovely Jessica, who has not just created one, but three beautiful drawings to start us off. Thanks, Jess! Jose has made frames: bones to go round pictures of the baddies, and hats and flowers to go round the ones of the goodies. Do go and have a look!

If you would like  to join in with the Glue Crew Story, please do email your ideas to, scan your drawings and we will try to make sure that we include your ideas and give you a mention!

The Adventures of the Glue Crew