Fish fingers or fish and chips are both great meals and go down fairly easily. Other forms of fish can be slightly more challenging I find. (‘YUK fish!’)NOTES_labelgriselda

For that reason, when we thought about adding a fishy dish to Mission Cookpossible, the testers in the Glue Crew Kitchen decided that a performance piece  would be a great idea.

Unwrapping a parcel at the table can make the fact that it’s fish a bit more exciting (and might possibly take some of the ‘yuk fish!‘ factor away, they thought).

Fish in a parcel is a fab thing to get to grips with, apart from anything else, it feels like a cross between a craft session and cooking.

Our testing team have loved thinking up all the different things you could put in to make the parcel taste nice – slices of lemon or tomatoes or different sorts of herbs. There were some interesting ideas, like blackberries, which were vetoed before cooking started. Was this high handed, short sighted even?

Maybe I have failed to recognise the possibility of a great new taste. Ok, perhaps next week…

Anyway, after much debate, we decided that we’d start simple, hence lemon and herbs for starters.




Top Tips

When you are cutting out the baking parchment or the foil to wrap the fish, give yourself a generous amount. You may not be a great measurer (I know I’m not), so when you are drawing round the fillet, it’s better to have too much rather than too little. You can always fold the spare over.


 fishy parcels


Try out different things in your parcels: how about a chopped tomato, chopped capers, sprig of rosemary and a few olives for a mediterranean angle?

You can even wrap fish with cooked cous-cous or cooked potatoes and french beans for an entire ‘meal in a parcel’! We’ll work on one of those and post it to this page soon!


If you have any ideas, please do give us a shout!