Yes, I know. Bit late for saying happy new year, but as usual time just went zooming off and all of a sudden it was the middle of January. How does it do it? Anyhow, Happy New Year from the Mr Glue team!

Well, 2015 is going to be an exciting one! The app is launched (and on last counting is over the 10,000 download mark. I have to say, when I saw the figure I thought it was a mistake. All of a sudden it had gone from a couple of hundred overnight to something unimaginable. We discovered that we had been picked up by a couple of reviewers in the US, who seemed to like it. Thanks, guys – you made our day! Much excitement among the Mr Glue team, I can tell you.

So this is the year of making it possible to print the books our users create. And not just print, but print something really beautiful. Also, a content management system so that we can open up Mr Glue’s bookshelves to many more storytellers. There’s much work to be done and Carrie’s already on the case – I tell you, there’s no keeping this girl down!

Well, we will keep you posted. Onwards and upwards as they say and who knows where we will be by this time next year!

Joyful Mr Glue!

Happy New Year from Mr Glue!