Mr Glue is your host and guide as you go through each story and he will help you navigate the app. He holds the whole thing together, hence his name!

As the reader you get to be the hero of each book and choose different elements as you go along, like your friend in this adventure, your secret weapon and so on.

First though, you need to choose what type of story you would like to read, so Mr Glue pulls four different categories out of his hat.

Tap a category and choose a book from the middle shelf in the library. There are three different reading levels, the book’s border indicates the level: green is easier, yellow is medium and purple is harder. We don’t want to associate a reading level with a particular age. If you don’t want the story you’ve chosen, you can put it back and choose another.

Logging on:  Type in your name, age and whether you are a girl or a boy. This will put your name and gender into the stories that you choose. We are working towards a permanent log-on system so that you will only have to log on once. For the moment, you’ll have to do this for each story.

The story: writing and illustration. Choose different bits as you go through the story.

indicates that something needs to be chosen.  Tap on the binoculars and 3 options will appear. Tap on your favourite and it will slot into the story.  When choosing your friend in this adventure, you again have 3 options, two provided by Mr Glue and one that you can personalise with the name of one of your real friends: type in their name, and whether they are a boy or girl. Otherwise an imaginary friend can be chosen.

There is an illustrated framework, and you can add your own drawings and colour. To stop drawing, put the pen or brush back in the pot by tapping it.

Recording:  To record the story, each time you turn onto a new page, press the recording studio. Mr Glue will appear with a set of buttons that allow you to record, stop, play and add a sound effect.

Just use these buttons when you are recording: the book page itself goes ‘dead’ once the recording studio appears.

You can record your voice and a sound effect at the same time if you like.  If you come to a page where the music kicks in automatically, it will do the same when you are recording. Record your voice, (no need to press the sound effect button) and when you play back, you will hear your voice and the music together.

If you want to re-record, then press stop and then the record button again. The process will re-start, deleting what you recorded before.

Save: As you go through the book, drawings and recordings will save automatically page by page. If you want to stop and come back to your book, you will find it is on the middle shelf with a little hat icon in the corner, and a thicker border, to show that it’s a ‘Work in progress’. You can carry on editing your book until you save it as finished on the ‘Congratulations’ page.

Once you are happy with all the illustrations and recordings, you can ‘Save the book as finished’. Now when you go to the finished book in the library, a customised blurb will appear, the variables that you have chosen will appear in the bubbles and the book will be on the top shelf of the library.

Share: You can send a link via email, so that friends or family can enjoy the story that you have created and recorded. Tap on the link, the book will upload and an email window will appear.

In order to share the book, the other person will have to have the app loaded up on their ipad. There will be a download link on the email.

If you would like to order a paperback version of your book,



press the ‘Print book’ link and you will be sent through to an order page.


For the moment, in order to use this app, you will need an ipad 2 or subsequent. It will be coming soon to Android!

We have lots of ideas (coming soon we hope!) for things we are going to do in the future, but if in the meantime there’s anything that you’d like to see on the app, do get in touch!

Have fun!