This scone recipe is the first one I ever learnt, and it’s the one that started me off on my Great Love of Cooking and somewhere along the line, is the source of Mission Cookpossible.NOTES_label

I must have been about six or seven, and a family friend taught me how to make them. She was a lovely lady, a sort of honorary grandmother and a good teacher. Her name was Gar. The recipe stuck in my head, and I made them again and again, (plain ones, fruit ones, cheese ones) for my long-suffering family – perhaps they quite liked it.

There are so many different ways to make scones: with and without eggs, with or without sugar, with or without bicarb… I’ve always liked these ones as they are light, easy, great with all sorts of jam and cream smothered over them and none of that rather nasty soapy, fizzy aftertaste that you sometimes get when someone’s been a bit heavy handed with the raising agent!


Top tips

As Hildegard suggests in the book, the great thing with scones is pulling the dough together as quickly as possible. The less handling they get, the better they will be.

Do remember to sieve the flour: it gets rid of the lumps and makes it nice and airy. Rubbing the fat in with the flour does this too.


If you would like to, you can make up the liquid element of the recipe with a little sour cream or yoghurt. Those ingredients will react with the raising agent in the flour and help the scones to rise.

The egg that you paint on at the end gives the scones a lovely shiny top when they are cooked – it’s not vital to the recipe, but it does make them look nice!


You could also whisk an egg in the measuring jug, and then make up the rest of the amount with milk. This will make the scones slightly richer – more cakey.


As I mentioned above, you can make these in different ways… add 100g of grated cheese (strong cheddar is good) and a pinch of cayenne for delicious cheese scones that are great with Clorabella’s tomato soup.

You can use them as a Pizza base.

Add 100g of sultanas or raisins for fruit scones.


As ever, we love hearing from you, so please do get in touch and let us know how you like your scones!