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Kick start the reading bug! Mr Glue Stories is about bringing the page to life by creating personalised children’s books in a fun and interactive way on the iPad. The reader collaborates with the writer to release from each book a magical world of colour, voice, sound effects and music. Children are no longer passively looking at a story, they are being invited to step into it and become involved with the process at every stage.

“Mr Glue is a great app where you can choose stories in different categories and if you like the sound of your own voice you can record it over and over again! It is an amazing app.” Jonny age 9 years

The Mr Glue app gives children a wealth of stories to explore. They can personalise, draw, record and share with friends and family – and that is just the beginning…. Professionally PRINT your own unique and personalised children’s books created in the app and watch your child’s face light up as they see their own drawings published in a glossy paperback as if it had come straight from the book shop. Sign up to be the first to know about it!
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