So, making the child the hero or heroine of each story was the main thing, and providing them with a lovely bunch of friends and enemies was the next thing, but we’d need more…
‘Food,’ said my son.
‘Yes, and?’
‘And kit.’
‘Of course.’
‘And somewhere to live.’
‘And a reward – you have to have a reward.’

Actually we came up with loads of things, but you have to build up gradually, so reluctantly we restricted ourselves to what was a manageable starting point in terms of creating the world of Mr Glue. And then after that, things just seemed to slip into place in terms of how the stories would work. We would provide illustrations, but in such a way that the child reading could also add their own drawings and colour, taking away the fear of a totally blank page.

Everyone said, ‘You must have it being read out.’ Except that that was never going to work fluently with different variables being added. OK then, turn it round, make it an activity where the children record it themselves. Let’s give them some sound effects and music, their own little sound studio.

Extending the world of Mr Glue - food Extending the world of Mr Glue - pieces of kit variables