I know, I know – what is going on here? Cassoulet is wonderful, warming and GOOD, and Jean-Claude Psychochef is horrid, cold and BAD.NOTES_label

JeanClaude_Psychochef1 copy

Perhaps look at it the other way round: eating this sort of wonderful, warming and GOOD food is the only thing that makes J-C a tiny bit nicer. (Doesn’t a wonderful plate of something gorgeous make you feel nicer? Good for the soul?) Anyway, this is a page about cookery notes, not about whether Jean-Claude is nice or not, so moving swiftly on…

Top Tips

Cassoulet is a lovely, slow-cooked dish. The duck should be falling off the bone, so you don’t necessarily need one duck leg per person when it comes to serving it up.

When you are chopping herbs, keep your fingers out of danger either by using one of these, or by holding the handle of a large vegetable knife with one hand and using your other hand to press down on the top of the blade.


We’ve used chorizo here to add a little spiciness to the taste, but if you prefer, you could use streaky bacon, or a different kind of sausage. Traditionally, the beans that you use should be haricot, but as I wanted to be faithful to the views of the Glue Crew testers, we went for flageolet as everyone except one preferred the consistency.

Chopped herbs at the end of cooking are always lovely – parsley, basil, thyme…