We set about working out a simple framework, focusing on personalising stories with the children making themselves the hero in each one and adding variables so that they could make each story different, so that they would feel involved with different elements in the story.

As the idea took shape, very excitingly, so did a team to put it all together. Jose, an illustrator working in New York joined Carrie and me. We met him through my brother, Ben, who runs Picture Farm, a production company in Brooklyn; Ben got stuck in too.

I wrote a lot more stories, about fifteen or so – even a recipe book – and Lorna heroically edited them. I say ‘heroically’ because she managed to do this around looking after two small children and a new baby. The ideas flowed, Jose drew and drew, Carrie organised the business side, suddenly the idea was beginning to take on a life of its own.

Mr Glue variables - griselda the green eyed cat - creating the world of Mr Glue and the variables that form part of itPersonalising stories - different alliesVariables to add to story personalising story