Exciting news for the world of independent publishers and independently published authors: the launch of Can’t Put it Down! It’s now out there!

In my last post I wrote about this wonderful new website,, which has been created by Tamara MacFarlane, the founder of Tales on Moon Lane (best children’s bookshop ever), and her colleague, Clare Stanhope, author of Brenda’s Bottom (if you have little girls – buy this book, now, immediately!)

In their words, it is ‘to provide a platform, social network and community for independently published authors and small independent book publishers. The aim is to give readers a greater range of diverse and inclusive books, alongside a fairer deal for independently published authors and small independent publishers.’ This seems to be a win win win situation all round – you can probably tell, I’m urging you to go and have a look RIGHT NOW!!

The website is beautiful, and I have already done a fair bit of browsing. In fact, I have my eye on quite a number of the books listed – this one is definitely first on the list ‘Things you find in a poet’s beard‘ by A.F. Harrold, illustrated by Chris Riddell. (The children and I are actually making a list now, and seeing if it tallies when the book itself arrives.)

I’m looking forward to the community side of this venture too, as all indy writers and publishers know, it can be quite a big, scary world out there sometimes! Right, probably now time to put my violin away and go and buy some books. (And I think you should too.) Happy half term!


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