Lizzie was the very first person to contribute a recipe to Mission Cookpossible.NOTES_label

To say thank you, not only did we put the recipe into the book, but we turned Lizzie herself into a monkey and put her in too. She hasn’t actually said yet whether she likes being a monkey, but the picture is certainly very fetching!


Nowadays doctors are very good at discovering whether we are allergic to things, and flour is quite a common thing to disagree with people. For that reason, we were delighted to include this recipe which leaves flour out. (Of course it does include peanuts which can be equally disastrous in some cases, but we have put a few nut-less recipes in to Mission Cookpossible, so I hope that’s ok!)

These cookies were easily the most tested recipe in the book. I cannot even begin to tell you how enthusiastic our testers were. (I think we had about eight or nine batches altogether.)

Here are some of the pictures…

   IMG_1271   IMG_1305

IMG_1130   IMG_1125

They are now keen to experiment with cashew butter, almond butter and hazlenut butter. We will keep you posted as to whether Lizzie’s Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies become all sort of other cookies very soon!

If you would like to send any of your nutty exploits to us, please do!