It seems to be that time of year again, and as ever, I’m not quite sure where the time has gone! Looking back at 2015 brings to mind Jose’s picture of being carried along by a whirlwind!

blog whirlwind


It was mostly a year getting to grips with printing.

We had launched our app, and decided that to make it that little bit different, we would bridge the world of digital and traditional by offering an option of turning a digital book into a real one. I mean the sort that has paper pages that you can actually turn, and that you can put on a bookshelf in your house and forget and come back to and remember and pass on – and so on and so on. (Despite having got into the world of digital, I do still have a bit of a thing about books!)


Anyway, the technical challenges were legion, but as ever, lovely Leto and the wonderful Mak between them made it all work. We looked at several printers and eventually chose Pureprint. They were refreshingly ‘can do’ and also magnificently environmental! They produced some gorgeous books and it was away to go.

We then had a bit of a left field moment when we decided that it would be a terrific idea to produce a book that could be customised, but that we could sell from our website. This would mean we could reach out to a wider audience – not just the owners of iPads! And so we started on the development of Mission Cookpossible! It would be a story, and a recipe book, and have your name in it!


We built the technology (Mak), wrote and tested it (Amelia) and created wonderful illustrations (Jose) in a staggeringly short space of time, and managed – just! to have it out in time for a few Christmas orders, ably assisted by Clare and her lovely team at Little Bird. Phew!

I’m not sure I can summon up the energy right now to look forward to what next year is going to bring, but if this year is anything to go by, it’s going to be quite something!Acrostic poem2

Happy Christmas everyone and as ever, thank you to all of you who have been so encouraging – you’re great!