It’s been a bit of a whirl over the last week. We have moved into the world of marketing Mr Glue.

Have had a look and as far as I can work out, we’ve had 65 downloads from all over the world which is pretty exciting!

Jose and Carrie explained kindly but firmly that yes, I really did have to get onto Facebook. And yes, yes, I did. And only managed to do one or two utterly embarrassing things but we won’t go into that!

So we seem to be reaching out to quite a wonderful crowd of people. Apart from emails to friends and family, we’ve launched into Twitter and Pinterest too… and of course there’s our video on YouTube  (click on the image below to see the trailer).

YouTube video trailer of Mr Glue, part of the roll out marketing of Mr Glue


For me this is definitely the most daunting part of the whole process so far. It’s one thing, having an idea, getting people excited and involved, and building it. Getting it out there is a whole different thing. Much to learn. A thick skin, for one!

Of course that’s just one part of it. We’ve now got to focus on keeping up with developing Mr Glue Stories itself. We started with a hugely complicated plan but had to tone it down for the initial launch of our “MVP” (Carrie tells me that’s our Minimum Viable Product from the Lean Startup Methodology – apparently! Now we can start adding the bells and whistles again- hooray!

Printing is of course top of our list – hopefully out by Christmas – but possibly a bit ambitious; we’d love children to be able to build their Mr Glue bookshelves and its a great gift too!

The children we’ve reached so far do seem to be loving all Jose’s beautiful characters (well – perhaps beautiful isn’t quite the word for the lady below, but you know what I mean!) so we might start looking into creating some posters. As you can see – lots to think about!

Anyway, quite enough about that. I thought you might enjoy the original sketches for Lady G and her badger, and I did want to include a sound clip of her cackling away, but sadly I can’t make it work (will have go later!)ladygertrude_sketch