We are nearly there! The launch of our fabulous Mr Glue Stories children’s personalised cookery story book, Mission Cookpossible, draws closer!

We have just had the first copies back from the printers and we are completely delighted and excited with the results. Have a look at some of these pages and see what you think…

IMG_1444   IMG_1446



IMG_1441   IMG_1442

We have a soft and hardback option. The paper weight is good, the images are appearing beautifully and when we showed one of the team of Glue Crew Kitchen testers, she was completely blown away: ‘Wow! I’d love one of those!’ (Hint hint!) There are a few things which need to be tweaked, but really, we are very pleased with the result.



You will be able to add your child’s name, choose a friend and an enemy to join the cookery adventure, and then select some of the recipes to go into the book. (There will be some fixed ones too.)  As with our stories which appear in the Mr Glue Stories app, we have made sure that some of the illustrations are in black and white, and that there is room for children to add their own illustrations if they would like.



In terms of content, there are tea-time recipes: cakes, scones, bread and jam and so forth. Supper dishes include savoury dishes such as pizza, soup and fish parcels among others and then there are puddings like chocolate mousse and baked apples. As this is all about cooking with children, everything included in the book has been tested with children. Once we’d been through a process of pulling recipes to pieces, putting them back together again, deciding what was good, and what wasn’t, what was clear and what wasn’t with the younger generation, we then went through a rigorous editorial process with Lorna Bradbury and Charlotte Totton, both of whom have a great deal of experience on that front!

So, our personalised kids’ cookery book is coming closer (at this point, cinema announcing voice required) Coming soon, to a website near you! Mission Cookpossible – the launch approaches! Watch this space.