Mission Cookpossible, the Mr Glue Recipe Book is coming on in leaps and bounds. Jose has created the most wonderful cover.

(Here’s a little sneak preview!)


Jose says: ‘I have used a very clear and direct design, based on 50s Jim Flora´s jazz record covers (cooking is like playing jazz music: harmonious but crazy!).
The idea was to create something that both kids and adults like: characters look at kids with a happy face but it´s also elegant and doesn´t look like a children’s book (“looks nice” in your kitchen).’ We certainly hope you think that too and will be dashing to the Mr Glue Stories website to buy one soon!

Personally, I am still humming and ha-ing over chocolate mousse and wondering whether to go down the Elizabeth David route of very simple, 1 egg and 1 ounce of choc per person (very light and fluffy) or if slightly more complicated with the addition of cream (richer and denser) is the best route to go. Children in this case no help at all as in their view Anything+Chocolate=Great. Well, of all the things to keep you awake at night, it’s not a bad one (and if you have a view about this dilemma, do send me a message!

Mak has completed the amazing personalisation engine, so that when you order, you can add a child’s name, and also which recipes you would like to slot in. This has been quite a thing to put together. As we got more and more excited with what we were producing, it suddenly became vital to add different fonts, different types of variable and so on and so on. There were definitely days where I felt as though I was a fiendishly demanding small child writing a list for poor, long-suffering Father Christmas. Father Christmas totally delivered in this case!! Thanks, Mak!

In the meantime we have been chatting with Aaron at Pureprint in Sussex, who has given us all sorts of useful advice that I wouldn’t have ever considered, like it’s not a good idea to have glossy paper in a recipe book because kitchens these days all have super duper downlighting and this will reflect off the page and be very annoying.

Anyway, quite excited to see the first copy actually printed!