It’s funny isn’t it, how when you start a project, you chuck some ideas around and everyone says, ‘Great, let’s go for it,’ and then before you know where you are, you realise you are adding layers and layers and layers to the process. (Well, maybe that’s just me!) So here I am, adding another layer right now and it’s all about recipe notes, top tips and photos. Read on!



Mission Cookpossible is written, the recipes tested, Glue Crew characters have taken ownership of particular dishes, and we are now adding the final tweaks to the e-commerce side and the editing. It occurred to me that what would be nice would be to have notes, photos and tips for each recipe, even ‘how-to’ videos for some things.


When you are cooking with children, it’s nice (for both them and us) to be able to add a bit of background and invite them to join a conversation, I think. I often find myself following a recipe and thinking,’Yes, but…’. Once we have launched and are a little further on with the project, we hope that we can make use of the extraordinary (well, I find it extraordinary!) Blippar, put a link onto the actual recipe pages themselves, so that the child (and possibly its parent too) can go directly to the video or the photo, and even be able to get in touch with us if they would like to.

In other words, it’s time for ‘Mission Cookpossible – Recipes and More!’ This is the beginning! Here is a demo page for one of the recipes: tell us what you think!


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