As I mentioned in my last post, the beginning of this year was definitely a step out of my comfort zone! With our marketing expert away on maternity leave, it was up to me to get in touch with magazines, bloggers, parenting websites and so forth. It’s been a fascinating six weeks or so – there’s a whole world out there that, hitherto, I have been utterly unaware of (must be world’s most ignorant mummy! Sorry, kids.)

fairy godmotherI have to confess, it’s one thing getting in touch with people and asking them to review your book. It’s quite another waiting for what they might send you back! Imagine our relief and delight therefore, when at the weekend, we got our first review back. Attachment Mummy – thank you!! (We are now basking in a nice warm glow!)

Next we heard back from Angels & Urchins – a ‘highly recommended’ in their review. (Hooray hooray hooray!)

There are a few more still to come back to us so I will keep you posted!

In the meantime, must absolutely not take eye off the ball. Working on getting a hardback version out there soon, and must start work on a couple of vegetarian and vegan recipes. As ever, if you have any suggestions, we love hearing from you so do get in touch at Onwards and upwards as they say!