Ah yes, parties on board Mr Archibald’s skating air-ship, La Vie en Rose!NOTES_label


And as everybody knows, a party is not a party without some delicious drinks and Mr A’s fruit smoothies and lovely lemonade are just the ticket

archibald_drink(although swimming in them is probably optional.)


Smoothie Variations (drinks not jazz)

Smoothies are great – ready in moments and can be made with an endless variety of ingredients.

Coconut milk instead of milk together with mango, pineapple and banana or maybe try using milk, yoghurt, banana, apple (you could even sneak in some green leaves to this one – spinach or lambs lettuce for a lovely green mixture!) Strawberries, bananas and honey are lovely too. Actually, just grab the blender and experiment (and then get in touch and tell us all about it! hello@mrgluestories.com

Lemonade Variations

All sorts of citrus! Oranges, grapefruit, lime or mixtures of all of these (and have you checked out the rather delicious pomelo?) Tear up some lemon balm or mint for a little extra something! Try adding elderflower, or maybe a little ginger syrup…

Fabulous ice

Darina Allen at Ballymaloe first taught me about edible flowers and what fun it can be using them in ice: she made a wonderful ice-bowl by taking one large bowl, putting a slightly smaller bowl into it and weighing it down, arranging flowers between the two and then filling that part with water and freezing. Stunning!