Much excitement for the Mr Glue team when we were invited by zzish to join them at Bett 2015, in the Bett Futures area. (Bett is British Education Training and technology just in case you weren’t sure.)

Zzish provides a hub for both developers and teachers. Developers of educational resources can upload their apps, and teachers can access them;  using the zzish teacher dashboard, they can see how their students are faring when they use a particular app. Brilliant! So we chatted with Leto and zzish, and Leto with their usual amazingness did all the necessary magic behind the scenes for us to plug into zzish’s dashboard and we were ready to go to the ball.

There were nearly 800 exhibitors there, from huge companies right down to small startups. We had a wonderful if exhausting few days (yes, by Saturday afternoon I was definitely feeling like I’d been run over by a bulldozer!) We talked to teachers, other developers, providers of resources for English as a foreign language, English for special needs, publishers. We met a lot of incredibly inspiring people and saw some truly mind-boggling technology.

My favourites were plotagon, where you write a screenplay and watch your characters come to life and speak as you write, and an ipadband concert given by a group of students from a local secondary school. Stunningly good!

zzish stand bett