The Mr Glue Book Review : Can You See A Little Bear? by James Mayhew and Jackie Morris.

IMG_0656 2This a bedtime picture book that takes you into a world of dream and adventure. It’s a Look-and-Find type bedtime book: where’s the bear, what’s he up to on his way to bed?

But goodness, it is so much more than that-  it is utterly magical! It could not be further away from your average bedtime ‘baby book’ with flat drawings and primary colours. The glowing watercolour illustrations are just beautiful, wonderful colours, extraordinary detail that makes you want to just keep on looking and looking.The words in contrast are simple and homely: it’s time for tea, bath and bed, but at the same time –

you are drawn into an exotic world of wide open landscapes,


IMG_0662 2

terrifying – yet ultimately kindly – animals,


IMG_0661 3

and wild circus girls who invite you into their dreamland to dress up, dance, sing, fly away in hot air balloons or on the back of swans.

IMG_0658 3

Stick some Rimsky Korsakov on the CD player and dream on!