With the holidays fast approaching, the Mr Glue Book Review felt that it simply had to write something about this most hilarious of books: Danger is everywhere.


No two ways about it, every household should own a copy of Danger is Everywhere, for, without a copy, how could you possibly know quite how unbelievably dangerous it is to venture into your bathroom, or make toast, or go to parties. Holiday time is specially dangerous, so it seemed like the right time to write about it. Good to be prepared!


In fact pretty much everything you had ever taken for granted as harmless has now had a light shone onto it, and revealed to be, yes, completely and utterly lethal. Luckily Docter Noel Zone (sic) has come to the rescue with this wonderful volume, that will help you and your nearest and dearest navigate such fearsome territory as whether your cat is actually a tiger, what on earth to do when confronted with a swimming pool (God forbid), and even reading books. (Did you check for scorpions? No? Thought not. Just as well Docter Noel is there to prompt you to do just that. Phew.)


I am horrified to discover that this great book first appeared in 2014. That means it has taken me a whole YEAR to discover it. When I imagine what could have happened to me in the time it has taken me to come across it, I can only shudder. No polar bear protocol, no leopard strategy and absolutely NO IDEA about the safe playing of musical chairs.

There are lots of useful acronyms to help you through the world of Dangerology, which I think probably better go up on the board in the kitchen so that the whole family feel adequately warned and protected from the potentially ghastly consequences of wearing slippers/ flippers/ sandals, not noticing that the pet hamster is in fact a hippo and many other common domestic pitfalls, which we have hitherto been ignoring.

Danger is Everywhere is one of the funniest books I’ve read. If you don’t own this already, please please rush out and buy it at once!

This is a message to David O’Doherty and Chris Judge, on the off chance you ever read this, which I’m sure you won’t, but just in case: please do lots more!

And I do hope everything works out with Gretel.