The Mr Glue Book Review : Trog Tries Again by Ben Butterworth and Lorraine Calaora

What a wonderful book! To tell you the truth, all the Trog books are wonderful, so the Mr Glue Book Review was in a bit of a dilemma about which one it really ought to tell you about. Actually it can’t, so will tell you about them generally. They are terrific as a way of encouraging little boys to read.

Trog, as you may have worked out from his name, is a little cave boy. He lives with his father and mother and his Grandpa Gripe in a cave. They grapple with day to day problems such as keeping warm, how to get from A to B and so on.



They have a go at doing it without thinking about it very hard or using any tools and it always ends in failure.



Luckily over the hill, live some very smug people called the Quickerwits. Annoyingly, the Quickerwits know how to do everything! Trog is invariably sent off to visit them to see how it is done. Invariably, they tell him ‘It is easy, very easy.’ They, you see, have worked out how to use tools, and how to think round problems…


Back he goes, his irascible Grandpa has a go, and yes, it all goes horribly wrong in magnificent style as Grandpa is so wonderfully incompetant.


Each story follows exactly the same pattern, the font is beautifully readable, the pictures are beautifully ugly (I mean that in a good way), which suits the subject matter perfectly. They are funny and quirky and energetic.

Having difficulty getting a small boy to read? Introduction to problem solving? Do have a go with these!



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