“Kid you’ll move mountains” – a Great Book and one that is being used in the Read Across America Day campaign today to encourage children to read.

There are kids books that are written for all of us. This is definitely one of them. It seems to be given as a present to those leaving elementary school and going to high school, starting uni, starting new jobs (ending old jobs), starting out on a new step of life generally. Forget all those self help books. This is the only one you really need, its inspiring.  So go for it, get excited about things and most importantly, dare!

Other children’s books that I’ve found to be tremendously helpful when I needed guidance and advice – well, Quentin Blakes’ for sure. When struggling to understand stages of my children’s development, I put Penelope Leach and Gina Ford very firmly to one side and reached for Zagazoo, which says all that needs to be said really.

I could go through a whole list of wonderful, wise things in children’s books, because reading children’s books is absolutely my favourite thing to do, but lists are tedious, especially other people’s, so I won’t. Just suffice to say, that today’s message in honour of the Read Across America Day is:

‘You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!’

Which extraordinary place will you reach today?

Thank you Dr Seuss!

Mr Glue dresses up for Read Across America Campaign