The Mr Glue Recipe Book : testing testing 123…

And what a summer it’s been! In some ways, it was a bit sad that we had quite so much rain, however it did send us scurrying into the kitchen, rolling up our sleeves and generally getting stuck into recipe creation. Flapjacks (twice), chocolate mousse (three times – yes really!), tomato soup, bread, roast chicken, pizza, scones, jam tarts – and a whole lot more. I think I have put on at least a stone since we started – and yes, I have enjoyed every minute of it! Some of the recipes have been given to us, some are old family favourites, and some we have tinkered about with, according to what our team of tasters said.

noting adjustments

It really was a lot of fun, and although I suppose in some ways this could have been classified as ‘work’, it was the most unwork-like work I have ever done.

A lot of this testing went on in Scotland, at my mother in law’s house. She very kindly gave us free rein in the kitchen and turned a magnificently blind eye to the clouds of flour, mountains of washing up and general chaos emanating from that part of the house! Thank you, Edith.



Quite apart from testing recipes to see if they worked, we also looked at good methods of separating eggs, safe ways of chopping, and the why’s and wherefore’s of kneading.







And of course, the importance of clearing up!!



Much discussion of book titles while all this was going on, and I think we’re nearly there with one.

Editing next! Onwards and upwards as they say.