What beavering away has been going on behind the scenes at Glue Towers!MrGlueSmile

We are now proud to announce the opening of the Mr Glue Stories Shop!

As ever when launching into the world of the unknown, the whole process took ever so slightly longer than anticipated (we really ought to be wise to this by now!).

The main focus of course is going to be selling Mission Cookpossible, but we thought that we would launch the shop a few days in advance with some other Christmas presenty-type goodies. This was mainly because we’d had several requests to put Jose’s wonderful illustrations onto t-shirts.

And why not? We got stuck into researching the world of drop shipping – please do notice how that term just rolls off the tongue! (Or should that be ‘off the keyboard’?) Once we’d found a company that combined being easy to use, providing a helpful voice on the other end of the telephone and crucially, not being too expensive, we launched into designing gorgeous Mr Glue garments.

How exciting when the first parcel arrived in the post! We had designed an apron with an embroidered logo to match the Mission Cookpossible book.

The stitching looked fabulous. We test drove it immediately – Helen and Clara made scones, got extremely messy and we put it into the wash. Great results. One product good to go!


On to hats. When designing the hat, I was slightly daunted by the manufacturing price, but when the finished item actually appeared, it was without doubt the cosiest hat I’d ever come across. All double thickness, Thinsulated and sporting a reflective band to boot, to say nothing of its classy Mr Archibald Penguin embroidered motif! Item number two!



There’s no getting away from it, embroidery is lovely, but it is expensive. For a few products, that’s fine. We had put so much effort into the book, that somehow, an embroidered apron seemed to be the right way to go. However, now time to move onto printed images: a bag, t-shirts and hoodies.


From the very beginning of the Mr Glue Stories project, people have admired the illustrations and said to us, ‘I’d love that on a t-shirt!’ We are starting small, with a few images, but if you have a favourite, do by all means get in touch and make suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

For the time being we are offering a pink, purple and blue t-shirt with a musical bear, Peregrine Stumpings and Snuffles the Mouse featuring respectively.

Snuffles.skyblue   PeregrineStumpings.purple


As Mr Glue is all about personalising, we thought it would be nice to offer that as an option too, and so you can order a t-shirt with a child’s name on the back.




This is just the beginning! Keep an eye out on the Mr Glue Stories shop as the range expands… Hoodies appearing soon!