And now we’re out there with Mr Glue stories on Kindle!

Yes, we’re being kept pretty busy at the Mr Glue Storyworks! The app is built, children can personalise their own stories, and we are able to print gorgeous books via iPad. So now we are working towards getting the world of Mr Glue and his personalised stories out beyond the world of just iPad.

Re-coding the whole affair so that it will work on Android and indeed on the web is going to take a little while (this might possibly be something of an understatement!) In the meantime we thought, why not release a generic version of each Mr Glue story as an e-book? And today… they have started appearing on Kindle!

We decided on a girl and boy character who will appear in alternate stories. Members of the Glue Crew will appear from book to book, as well as the other variables that appear in the app. Our two heroes are called Tally and Iro. (We chose them because they mean ‘hero’ in various languages – sorry, I forget which!)

The real joy of being able to do this is that it will give everyone the chance to see the books that will become available to personalise on the app once we have built the link between app and our nearly-ready Book Management System. I’ll be writing about that fairly shortly, so keep an eye out!

Anyway, we’re quite excited about this latest development, please do go and have a look (and maybe even buy one)!

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