Mr Glue Stories – the reviews.

Think I’m having a bit of a retrospective moment here… Probably something to do with the fact that we’re about to launch a whole new thing (Mission Cookpossible – our super duper personalised cookery book)


and it made me look back at everything we’ve done over the last few years, what we’ve achieved and the sort of response we have had.

One of the things I have discovered about setting up a business and doing something new, especially on a very small budget, is just how hard it is to make yourself visible. You work like crazy and for quite a time, there doesn’t seem to be anyone there to say, ‘Well done, gosh, amazing…’ etc etc. At least, lovely family and friends do (please don’t for one minute think I’m being ungrateful here – your support has been absolutely invaluable!) but there are definitely moments where you think, ‘Why on earth are we doing this?’ and, ‘Are we mad?’

Then suddenly, out of the blue, there will be an email from a child who loves using the Mr Glue Stories app, or from a parent who is excited about it, and it really does make it seem worthwhile!  Equally, we have been lucky enough to have had some really lovely reviews. Digital Storytime, The Educational App Store, Teachers with Apps, Best Apps for Kids, Free App Friday and Fun Educational Apps have all been enthusiastic. All of a sudden, there was an article in The Guardian! We  have been invited to events led by Open Universty, TES Global and Instituto Cervantes on the subject of digital creative learning. Oh yes, and we all got pretty excited to be given a mention in the Huffington Post!

Am I having a bit of a brag here? Quite possibly.  (YES!) A brag blog – quite like the sound of that! A brag blog or maybe a big virtual hug with the team with which I have had the privilege to work over the last few years: ‘Wow! Amazing! Haven’t we come a long way!’ And now, as we are about to launch our latest Mr Glue stories product – Mission Cookpossible – am having a bit of a dream about where we might go next!